Friday, June 1, 2012

The one with Milani glitters, pt 1!

Happy happy Friday! Today I've managed to put together three manis with Milani glitters! All are toppers to other Milani polishes. I'll havta look into doing some jelly sandwiches with these :)

Hot Pink is just that - a hot pink hex glitter! Intermixed with silver pieces, as well. I used one coat over Violet Dash.

Next up is Teal, with a combo I'm IN LOVE with! Teal is just like it's and blue hex (and silver) glitter with some small blue glitter scattered throughout. I used Mint Candy as the base. (and look, I do have another hand!!!)

Now Twinkle probly could have been used on its own! The purple and blue glitter is packed TIGHT in this polish, but I used it over a base of Deep Thoughts. It's extra chunky, so next time I will need two coats of top coat.

Do you have any of these polishes? Or any Milani glitters? What's been your experience? I didn't have any issues with goopiness, I was surprised to find out. The formulas aren't thick at all, and that made them good toppers...should make them excellent for jelly sandwiches :)

Have you entered Jodi and Destany's Super Awesome Fantastic Giveway yet?

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  1. I am really feeling Hot Pink and the Teal ones - I like sparse glitters though. Fantastic swatches!

  2. I like Hot Pink and Teal! Twinkle is just a little two chunky looking for me. Thanks for the watches! :)

  3. I don´t have any of these polishes, but they all look very pretty!

  4. Milani polishes are so pretty, teal looks gorgeous x :-)


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