Wednesday, December 26, 2012

China Glaze I Get Carried Away swatches+review

I'm just gonna tell you upfront that I don't like this polish. I found it thick and goopy and unmanageable. That being said, I really want to like it because black+red is awesome in my book. I'm talking about China Glaze I Get Carried Away, one of the Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away collection recently out on store shelves. I've tried this polish several times over several different bases, and I always get the same result.

Here is it over Creative Fantasy.  I do not like the way this looks at all. But it was enough to show me that this polish doesn't play well.

So I tried it over Igniting Love, the red creme from this collection. It looks marginally better over this polish, but still, it just doesn't look like it belongs.

I think my next step might be to try this over a grey color. Keep in mind, I've tried this over other colors, too, they were just not fit for other people's eyes! hahah Do you have this polish? Did you have a good experience with it if you have it?

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  1. I also found this polish un-manageable. It was so horrible that I didn't even do any swatches of it. Such a dissapointment because it looks so pretty in the bottle. It was very thick a goopy and the bar glitter was a nightmare to get to lay flat on the nail

  2. i thinned mine before using it with thinner and it was fine. very easy to use actually. everyone seems to have the same issue but no one seems to have tried thinning it!

  3. I like it better over the red!

  4. They both look lovely but i prefer the red one. I find it more elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion such like evening parties.


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