Monday, December 24, 2012

My birthday cake - a nail polish cake!

So it's finally happened. my IRL life has collided with my blogging life. Yesterday was my birthday, and my friend Joy made me a cake. But not just any cake. It's an amazing cake! And proof that she actually listens to me. Well, at least she listened to me once!

Joy makes cakes. Good cakes. Like, amazing cakes. She has her own business, actually, Joyful Creations. This cake was a complete surprise to me. She kept asking me if I would be at church on Sunday (which was my birthday), and I kept telling her yes...but she just kept asking. I guess she didn't want to bring this to church if I wasn't going to be there! hahah She even remembered that Wet n Wild was my favorite brand :)

She made the nail polish bottles, cuticle stick, clippers and cottonball out of fondant. they are outstanding! I'm hoping they will last they may become a new fixture with my nail stuff :)


  1. HOW CUTE! I absolutely love everything about this. How sweet of her to remember your favorite brand!

  2. Adorable.
    And happy birthday!

  3. Awesome cake! Happy belated birthday :)

  4. What a great friend she is to make you such a fantastic cake! I hope you had a great birthday!! :)

  5. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas

  6. this is so cute, she really did a great job! What a sweet friend!


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